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Expected to arrive on 05/20/14.

  • Dimensions: 35.25"w x 13.5"d x 70.5"h

    • Provides three spacious shelves of storage space
    • Simple, functional design
    • Made of fir and lightweight iron

    These spacious bookshelves look like they might have been used by a French millinery shop, a shop that sold hats and clothing. Although these shelves are a new version of an old piece, it has an antique appeal, with fir wood shelves supported by neat looking iron spindles. It's designed to be very lightweight, great for a home that serves for a lot of entertaining or a room that fluctuates in style.

    Assembly required.

    Weight: 50 lbs

    Dimensions of spindle legs: 2"w x 2"d x 19.75"h

    Width of each shelf: 1.25"h

    Distance between front and back legs: 8.75"w

    Height of each shelf: 19.75"h

    Distance between bottom shelf and ground: 4.25"h

    Finial height: 1.75"h

    Shelf weight limit: 33lbs.

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Number of Reviews: 8
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3 stars Wisterias Response

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. We love the rustic and distressed nature of the shelves. It reminds us of an old French shop filled with treasures! We suggest gently cleaning the wood with a dry cloth. Also, please note that while we make every effort for our product to arrive to you in perfect condition, on the occasion that a shipment does arrive to you damaged, we are always more than happy to replace it at no charge.

February 2014

3 stars Wisteria Comment

We appreciate everyones feedback. The wood on this product is meant to have a rustic/rough look and feel to it. It is also stained so unfortunately it sometimes takes a bit longer to air out. If the wood has any form of cracking in it or the wood is flaking off than this is considered damaged and we will be happy to replace the product for you.

January 2014

4 stars Attractive and sturdy but ...

I feel conflicted about the French Shopkeepers Shelves. While the overall appearance is very pleasing, the rusted metal spindles are beautiful, and the unit as a whole reminds me of a different place and a different time - the shelves are not what I had hoped for, i.e., they are not distressed shelves with edges rounded and worn from time, random dings from age and use, and a soft, lovely patina. In reality the edges are sharp and square and the decorative surfaces, i.e., tops and sides, have been sand-blasted, making them very rough and difficult, if not impossible, to dust with a cloth. The color of the shelves I received is much darker than what is shown online. A walnut stain has been applied, but since the wood is textured from sandblasting, lots of yellow wood tones show through. The shelves are made of fir and are 3/8 thick with an apron of the same wood 3/4 x 2-1/2 all around to strengthen the shelves and give the appearance of a thicker piece of wood. Mine are 1-1/8 thick whereas the website says they are 1-1/4 thick. The shelves appear to be coated with a very very! light sealer that is slightly glossy, although with the texture being as rough as it is, the shelves do not come across as shiny. I can see why customers in dry areas of the country have had trouble with the wood cracking since the sealer coat is really quite thin. The odor of the stain was strong when I opened the box, so I left the shelves in the garage for several days with all sides exposed, and the smell dissipated. The unit assembles very easily and is strong and stable. I dont know what the weight limits would be on the shelves, but they are able to hold heavy books and sculptures without bowing. I got this piece on sale at 40% off, so Im OK with it, given the fact that if the shelves prove to be too bothersome I can easily build new ones. An advantage of the way this unit is constructed is that if one were to want wider or longer shelves, that is doable. If you like the look of the piece, I say, Go for it! But do try to get it on sale in case you cant live with the shelves and have to build new ones.

Jollytoo!, CO, January 2012

2 stars Cute, but poor quality

Loved the design, but hated the smell of the stain on the wood when I opened the box. After several months, most of the shelves had developed large cracks, some going right through the boards top to bottom and the entire length of the board. Very disappointed. However, Wisteria customer service has been super in offering a refund.

Elizabeth Shelton, CO, September 2011

3 stars Cheap styrofoam-like particle board

To start, I love the clean but elegant lines of these shelves...very pretty. However, the wood is awful! I had read the review about it being rustic and was completely fine with that type of look. Many things in my home are slightly rustic. The problem is I would not call the shelves wood at all...more like weird particle board that feels like styrofoam. Since I really like the size and look of this piece, Ive decided to go to a local lumbar yard to have them cut hard wood pieces to use instead of what was given. This will also allow me to stain the shelves to my desired color. It makes it more expensive, but the price of this piece was inexpensive in comparison to other iron and wood shelves. I do think it should have been priced even cheaper though considering the quality. Also, the out of the box smell of the stain or treatment used on the wood was terrible.

Heather, TX, May 2011

5 stars Very French

I love the French Shopkeepers Shelves. They are strong, sturdy, and look great in my dining area. They were easy to put together.

R C, LA, February 2011

3 stars Nice spindles/Shelves are very rough

I like the look of the shelves once it was all put together and accessorized but up close the shelves have a very rough texture and are not attractive. I expected the wood to be of better quality. The spindles are nice and it is very easy to put together.

May 2010

5 stars beautiful and sturdy

I love these shelves. They look beautiful and are strong enough to hold heavy sculptures and books without a second thought.

DC, March 2010

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