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  • Rustic lantern is a great addition to tables and consoles
  • Great for the patio
  • Sturdy metal base with blown glass top

There's something inherently comforting about lanterns. Maybe that's because our ancestors have been toting them around for thousands of years, or maybe we just love the flickering candlelight. Whatever the reason, we adore this Pier Lantern, which boasts an intriguing design of glass blown into the wire frame, creating a bulbous look that's quite unique. It looks great everywhere, from the patio table to a bookshelf. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Keep children away from open flame.

This Pier Lantern makes a great terrarium or candleholder—just add a plate as a base. Glass blown into a wire frame creates a unique look.

Dimensions: 7"dia. x 15.5"h

Height without handle: 10.5"h

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Glass very clear, no slight texturing as shown

I received 2 of these and although beautiful, the glass is very clear & I was expecting some texturing ie rippling effect or slight waves in the glass that would play w/ the candle flame. It looks like a candle under clear glass, not the effect I was anticipating. Also one has what appears like a bebe hole that didn't quite penetrate the glass.

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