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Product Review Policy

We at Wisteria are proud of our products and value your opinion in helping us make our items the best they can be. We appreciate you taking the time to write a product review and will gladly post your review if you:

  • Have purchased that specific product
  • Write only factual and relevant information about the product
  • Refrain from using any offensive or foul language.

Any submissions that do not follow the review policy will be removed from the website. When filling out the review, please leave an email address, so we may contact you to resolve any issues. (Your email address will not appear on our website.)

When writing a review, please focus on the product you purchased and have received. Your review will be read by a Wisteria employee before posted to the website. Any offensive or discriminatory language in the review is subject to being removed. Refrain from discussing the promotions or price of the product as they are subject to change. Reviews written as a response to previous comments and do not pertain to the product itself will not be posted. Please do not include any personal contact information in the review itself.

Wisteria prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Therefore, we ask that you provide an email address in order for us to follow up with you regarding any products issues you might have. (Your email address will not be posted on the website.)

When submitting a review, you acknowledge that everything you post is 100% accurate and that you are the sole author of the post.

Once the review has been submitted, it becomes the licensed property of and we obtain the right to use, modify, and/or delete it.

While we appreciate customer feedback, any feedback that is not relevant to the specific product should be directed toward Customer Service. You may contact Customer Service at 1-800-320-9757 or

Wisteria reserves the right at any time to remove a product review or to change the product review policy.