Shannon and I started our careers working with nonprofits, so we know firsthand that these organizations don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Since we started Wisteria 15 years ago, we’ve profiled a nonprofit organization every month and contributed financially to their success. We’ve supported over 120 different causes in the U.S. and around the world, focusing on faith-based initiatives working to improve the lives of children. By showcasing each nonprofit’s mission and contributing to their success, we hope to assist their efforts in making the world a better place.

Every month, our Give 10/Get 10 campaign gives our customers an opportunity to directly support our featured nonprofit—a way to help the efforts of others trying to aid those in need. Customers receive 10% off their entire purchase and Wisteria donates 10% of the sale to the nonprofit. Through this partnership, we’re able to benefit our customer and help a wonderful organization.

Our Friends


Lawa-Wa Ministry, an outreach project supported by the Thai Christian Foundation, focuses on assisting families and children with medical bills, clothing, blankets, and other basic care needs. In 2012, the Wa Christian Fellowship of the Lawa-Wa Ministry launched the Prosthetics Project to help land mine victims on the Thai-Burma border receive prosthetic limbs and walk once again.

Methodist Children's Home Costa

The Methodist Children's Home is a Christian children's home near San Jose, Costa Rica. In conjunction with local government agencies, it provides a safe, peaceful alternative to the overcrowded, state-run orphanages in San Jose. Ray and Lidia Zirkel, long-time Methodist missionaries, started the Children's Home as an extension of their other ministries. The vision for the Methodist Children's Home is to provide a nurturing and family-centered environment for children who otherwise would have no home.


Water is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by almost a billion of the world's most vulnerable people, especially children. This crisis threatens life and destroys livelihoods on a devastating scale. Currently serving 59 countries, Millions from One works to provide long-term clean water through deep-water well drilling and antimicrobial shoes, along with education and hygiene training, to those most in need. With each project, Millions from One works with local teams to build long lasting relationships rather than merely providing a temporary solution to an ongoing problem.


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a nonprofit organization that has worked to protect wildlife and habitats in Kenya for the past 38 years, and is the recognized authority on the hand raising and reintegration of orphaned African elephants. They work in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Services to combat poaching and provide emergency veterinary care, and with communities to preserve habitats and provide educational outreach. Wisteria is proud to support the DSWT Orphans' Project, which has achieved worldwide acclaim through its successful elephant rescue and rehabilitation program.


The STAIRS Program is a nonprofit tutoring program for low-income, disadvantaged middle school students in the Dallas area. Working to enhance students' math, English, and study skills through various programs to permit allowance into superior college-bound high schools, STAIRS provides this tutoring for free. Wisteria donated to help provide ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) preparation books and testing supplies as well as mentorship funds.


Families along the northern border of Mexico endure the weight of extreme poverty and violence. Juntos Servimos assists individuals, particularly children, in Matamoros and Juarez, Mexico, who are struggling with disease, disability, abuse, and a lack of education. Providing resources necessary to fulfill their full potential, individuals are supplied with medical care, food and water, education, and shelter. Juntos Servimos responds compassionately to each suffering individual.


Lumin Education works to transform education by starting young, involving parents, and creating learning environments to inspire children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Focusing on neighborhoods struggling with poverty, illiteracy, and high dropout rates, Lumin Education was founded with the belief that all children can succeed in school.

Akola Project is a nonprofit with a mission-driven jewelry business that empowers women to uplift their families out of poverty. Employing approximately 450 women in Uganda and Dallas, Akola provides the training, work, and holistic programs to transform the well-being of these women as well as almost 4,000 dependents and 9 communities-enacting a ripple effect that can break the cycle of poverty. One hundred percent of donations help fund the ministry, education, and wellness programs instilled to strengthen these women, their children, and their communities.


Visible Music College, an independent accredited Christian college, provides an innovative musical education that equips students for service in church ministry and the professional music industry. Visible offers a hands-on experience in the areas of music performance, media, production, business, and ministry. With existing campuses in Memphis and Chicago, Visible Music College expanded to Dallas. Our partnership helped launch this new campus.

Christian Appalachian

For more than 50 years the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) has been improving the lives of Appalachian people who are struggling with poverty. Helped by donors, volunteers, staff, and the communities it serves, they've touched more than 1 million people each year through hunger relief, home repairs and child and family development services, elderly care, summer camps and so much more.