This month we're inspired by the sparkle of the Mediterranean, the vibrant color and energy of one of the world's first and finest resorts, St. Tropez. Once a simple fishing village, the mood of St. Tropez began to change in the 1960s, when the presence of celebrities like Brigitte Bardot transformed it from a sleepy village to a village that never sleeps. In recent years, the jet set morphed in to the yacht set, but the party continues. Above the harbor, narrow cobblestone streets cut serpentine-like into the hills of Provence, the smell of lavender carried on the breeze. Truly a feast for all of the senses, the spirit of St. Tropez combines the best of old and new. And with over three hundred days of sunshine a year, all who visit will say, "Merci, St. Tropez, pour le soleil, la musique, et le rire."