African Bishop's Miter Crown

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This crown, hand-beaded by the Yoruba people in Africa, is a Bishop's miter form and features white birds on each side. Crowns like this one are often worn during ceremonial practices and celebrations.

  • An "adenla", or beaded crown, hand-beaded by the Yoruba people of Africa
  • Worn during ceremonies and celebrations
  • White birds adorn each side
  • 10"dia. x 16"h

For the Yoruba people in Africa, beads play a very significant role in many cultural events. They are a major feature during many traditional festivals during which devotees and participants decorate their bodies with beads of different shapes, colors, and sizes. "Adenla", or beaded crowns, feature design work that is culturally significant and can also include a veil, such as the piece here. This is a hand-beaded Bishop's miter form with indigenous motifs: white birds facing upward on each broad side. This particular beading style began in 1972 and continues through present day.

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