Quality Control Analyst Intern

Learning Opportunities

Wisteria interns gain meaningful, real‐world experience in a fast-growing catalog and e-commerce company. As part of Quality Assurance Team, the Quality Control Analyst Intern plays an integral role in identifying problems and finding solutions to Wisteria’s product returns. This will require investigation into issues related to product design, quality of raw materials, methods of manufacture, packaging, methods of transit, customer expectations, product copywriting, etc. The Quality Control Analyst Intern can expect to develop confidence and marketable skills by assisting in the following specific activities:

  • Documenting quality issues and potential solutions for upcoming Return Meetings.
  • Participating in Returns Meetings with Wisteria’s international Account Management Team.
  • Drafting emails to communicate product issues with international vendors.
  • Participating in strategy meetings, conference calls, item review meeting.
  • Monitoring the quality control performance using the latest research tools
  • Publishing the organization’s semi-monthly return report..
  • Supporting special events; and much more!


  • Tracking and comparing the performance of “Hot Button” (problematic) items.
  • Collect, assemble, report, and analyze product return data.
  • Enter information about the top return offenders into Trello.com each month.
  • Compile Wisteria’s Returns Report bi-monthly.
  • Prepare assigned material for two weekly Returns Meetings
  • Join the QC team’s in-house QC’s.
  • Assist the QC team in writing QC Callouts with the goal of preventing future returns.
  • Assist in the re-inspection of repaired items and “solved” packaging to ensure resolution.

Special Projects

  • Analyze products returned due to “change mind” and propose methods of reducing those returns.
  • Analyze Wisteria’s communication with vendors and overseas Account Managers and propose methods of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of that communication


  • Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, or related analytical major.
  • Communication skills are considered as important as analytical skills
  • Demonstrates conceptual thinking and ability to work well in teams and form partnerships to complete projects
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel


  • Flexible to meet intern’s needs, but we would like to have a consistent schedule from week to week.

This is an unpaid internship. We are happy to work with your school if you have the opportunity to earn course credit.

If you are interested in joining us, please send cover letter and resume to careers@wisteria.com